Custom Light Pole Banner Brackets can manufacture any shape banner bracket to custom fit your light pole and banner. Our Computer Aided Cad machines have the ability to fabricate all types of shapes and sizes for even the most complicated of pole configurations. No matter which Zane Williams banner hardware solution you choose, you can be assured that you are getting a durable, high-quality banner bracket product.

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Steel Hex

Steel Square

Your Way

Steel Hex Custom Banner Bracket for Light Pole Banners Steel Square Custom Banner Brackets for Light Pole Banners manufactures a custom solution for displaying banners on hexagon light poles with the Steel Hex banner bracket that is specially made for that hard to fit shape. For a square shaped light pole, only the Steel Square banner bracket will do. Custom made to fit the exact shape and size of your square light pole.

Don't miss out on exposure and advertising opportunities just because your light poles are not a standard size or shape. We can custom manufacture any banner bracket according to your size and architectural specifications for light poles or walls.